It's a great adventure

Experience the history of the

California Gold Rush

Get ready for a great adventure through one of the most exciting events in American History - the California Gold Rush! Join our pioneers, prospectors and miners on their journey westward to find gold. If you are lucky, you might just strike it rich yourself!

What to bring

• Sleeping bag and pillow
• 2 pairs of old tennis shoes (good for walking and getting dirty)
• A sweater and/or jacket (in case of changes in weather)
• A hat
• Pajamas
• Water bottle
• Bathroom essentials (toothbrush, toothpaste, hair brush, towel, soap, shampoo, deodorant)
• Bug spray and sunscreen
• Extra pocket money for off campus trips
• Clothing (2-3 Shirts, 2-3 pants, 3-4 pairs of socks and underwear)
• A positive attitude

Students are immersed in a timeless adventure when they are guided down to our authentic mining area to experience what it was like to be a pioneer on the West Coast in the mid-1800s.



“Gold Campers step into the shoes of their historic counterparts when they use our replicas of early mining machinery! These replicas include the Long Tom, Cradle and Arrastra. Through the usage of these machines, students understand more about the evolution of mining in California and have a whole lot of fun. Additionally, every student will also have the opportunity to pan for real gold and take it home with them as a souvenir!”

They will be able to use replicas of early mining machinery such as the long tom, cradle, and arrastra. After learning about the elements of mining used years ago, students will be able to pan for real gold!

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