Old Oak Ranch Conference Center

A Great Camp Experience

"Every day is a new day for adventure and our hope is that every person who attends Old Oak Ranch will discover their own unique experience that they will remember for a lifetime.”

Chris Khan

Camp Director

About Our History

Old Oak Ranch has been providing incredibly unique outdoor experiences for visitors since its establishment  in 1947. Over the last 60 years, we have evolved from a small retreat center to a 170 acre conference ground surrounded by the unparalleled beauty of the Seirra Nevada Mountians. The camp is now under the direction of Chris Khan and his wife Christine, who have a heart for serving people and are passionate about creating memorable experiences for everyone that comes through! Today, we are working on new projects and programs that will help make your visit to the Ranch extraordinary. We have never been more excited for the opportunity to serve you!

Our Mission

Old Oak Ranch Gold Camp provides students from fourth grade classes around California with the opportunity to immerse themselves in the early history of their state. Through a complete learning experience, students are given the chance to see, smell, taste and hear what it was to be a gold miner in the early days of the Gold Rush. Our mission is to reinforce the curriculum that students learn in class to give them a hands-on experience that they will remember for the rest of their lives. We believe that there is no better place to learn about the California Gold Rush than actually in the areas where the gold rush took place.

Your Experience

Within an hour of arrival, students (under the guidance of an Old Oak Ranch Gold Camp staff member) are led down to the mining area where they actually work replicas of early mining machines. They pan for real gold, work with cradles (also called rocker boxes) and a Long Tom. Working the same machinery that miners used all those years ago, gives life to the history lessons they have learned in school. The activity can also be an excellent introduction to Gold Rush lessons they will have later in the year if you decide to bring your students in the fall. Be it reinforcement or introduction, your campers will share parallel experiences with their historical counterparts and better understand what the men who built this state went through. By "walking in their footsteps" so to speak, we believe a physical connection to past is made. 

Old Oak Ranch

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